HMS Britannic Expedition 2019

October 2019 is HMS Britannic time! We finally manage to organize all necessary paperwork, dive operations and equipment for deep dive in Kia island. During 10 days of diving we will visit Burdigala liner for training and "adaptive" dive to finally end up on HMS Britannic". Dates: 6 - 15 October 2019. Because of extream depth and dive logistic the offer is designed only for CCR divers.



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TEC diving in Dahab
Dahab tec diving

Diving Trip to Dahab for technical divers! 

Our goal is to dive deep and develop our tec skills! Both OC and CCR divers are welcome!
Dahab is a magical place on our planet. It’s the most relaxing site you can imagine.

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Sardinia Wreck Zone

Visit Sardinia with us!

You can explore the exciting technical wrecks of Southern Sardinia. Sardinia is often described as containing the best diving in Italy and perhaps one of the best throughout the Mediterranean.

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