Double Rock

Double Rock is situated at the beginning of Goli´s island. After 20 minute drives we reach the dive sites. We anchor in front of the rock on the small plateau between 5 – 8m. The dive site is a pinnacle. We start the dive from the depth of 5 meters, following the anchor line. Crossing the plateau, we can find the drop off.

Follow the wall, keeping it on your left shoulder. Swimming in open sea direction, after 20m, at around 45m depths you can find a small rock, full of colourful sponges, big conger, octopus and nudibranchs, The bottom of the rock is at around 60m.
On your way back, keeping always the wall on your left side, you will find a canyon with sandy bottom at about 15m, between Goli Island and the wall of the rock. On Goli´s wall there is also a cavern at around 10 m. The shallow plateau is full of damselfish, nudibranchs, octopus, breams. In the anemone, it is easy to find a harlequin shrimp or a spider crab.