The two small islands of Veli and Mali ─ćutin lie in front of the east coast between Cres and Rab Islands. The beauty and diversity of Cutin are stunning for both divers and researchers and considered the most beautiful diving sites in the entire Adriatic. Anchoring is on the north side of the island at a depth of 5 m. The plateau is 8 m wide. Descent is along the anchoring line in the direction of the wall and a sheer drop to 32 m.

The entrance to the canyon starts at 7 m and continues down to 26 m, with 2 sharp clefts on either side. At the bottom, the canyon is 12 m wide decreasing to 4 m closer to the surface. On exiting the canyon, the dive continues along the right side of the wall to a submerged point at 24 m stretching vertically from the wall and out to the open sea. The wall at this point drops down to 48m.
Ascent is along the left side of the wall and through the canyon to the plateau.
The undersea world is a rich multi-colored, visually appealing diversity of flora and fauna. The most dazzling are the brilliant red gorgonians which appear from 28 m, followed by yellow gorgonians beyond 38 m. This abundance of color is enhanced by schools of fish, including dentex and tuna heading for the open sea and numerous holes, terraces and hiding holes overgrown in soft coral and sponges. On the gorgonians there is the possibilities to see catfish eggs. The canyon, covered of colorful sponges, is the best place where you can find many different species of nudibranchs. The wall and his holes are the best place for conger, octopus and lobster to hide. With a bit of luck, you can also have the possibility to be accompanied by a group of dolphins on the way to the dive site.