MFP 78m 86m

The Fernaval ferry (MFP DE) were the largest and very powerful landing craft of the German Navy. During the Second World War, a total of about 700 MFP were built in different versions. According to records, it is assumed that this is the MFP with the identifier no. F433.

On 23.10.1944,  F433 joined a convoy. In the evening, the convoy was attacked. During the fight F433 was hit serval times. The damaged MFP F 433 sailed to Rab. 24.10.1944 they planed to move to the bay “Zavratnica“ where are the german´s where based. On her way to Zavratnica she sunk on 24.10.1944 about 3.5 nautical miles of WSW from Jablanac by the island Dolin.

Max. depth 86m.
Diving depth between 78m – 86m
MFP data, type C2, serial number F 433:The Type C2 was a modified form of the already reinforced Type A1. It was among other things used for the transport of tanks and trucks.

Marine ferry, type C2,

length:47.04 meters,
width: 6.53 meters,
draft empty 0.97 meters,
loaded: 1.45 meters,
displacement: maximum 220 t.,

3 diesel engines Deutz 6 cylinder. , PS 390,
Speed Max 10,5 kn,
Crew 17 to 21

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