CCR Hypoxic Trimix Instructor

This is the pinnacle of closed circuit rebreather diving. Here you will use all the knowledge, skills, equipment and experience from all of your previous training and push your limits to the extreme. The program qualifies you to execute dives to 100 meters / 330 feet using the same CCR Extended Range Total Diving System you mastered in previous programs.

However, you will now use a minimum of two, maximum of three, stages for bailout gases.

Upon completion of the program the diver is certified as follows:
SSI CCR Hypoxic Trimix Instructor.

Have at least the following certifications:
• CCR Hypoxic Diver, or equivalent
• CCR Technical Extended Range Instructor

Have logged at least 250 CCR dives over a minimum of 250 hours, including at least 50 decompression dives deeper than 60 meters, at least ten (10) dives requiring a minimum of 30 minutes of staged decompression using three (3) stage cylinders and at least 30 Hypoxic Trimix dives. Provide proof that they own the specific CCR Total Diving System Have attained the manufacturer and SSI’s approval for the requested level Complete the XR CCR Instructor Assessment Form and provide proof of the required teaching and diving experience. Issued at least ten (10) CCR Diving certifications or higher and at least five (5) CCR Technical Extended Range certifications.