Advance Wreck Diving Instructor

This program allows limited penetration into wrecks with an overhead environment. The training required for this type of diving is overhead buoyancy control, new finning techniques, laying safety line and the proper use of a light. The program can be completed wearing a single cylinder with either a pony cylinder or H/Y valve or a technical total diving system.

Upon completion of the program the diver is certified as follows:
SSI XR Advanced Wreck Diving Instructor.

Be an Open Water Instructor or equivalent.
Be an Enriched Air Nitrox Instructor or equivalent.
Be a Deep Diving Instructor or equivalent.
Be a Diver Stress and Rescue Instructor or equivalent.
Be a Science of Diving Instructor.
Be certified in Advanced Wreck Diving or higher.
Provide their own Extended Range Nitrox Total Diving System.