• Be certiEed in CCR Technical Extended Range or equivalent.
  • Have logged at least 100 CCR dives and at least 100 hours of CCR runtime (50 on the speciEc unit), including at least 30 dives deeper than 30m, at least ten (10) dives deeper than 50m, and at least 20 divesrequiring staged decompression.


Recommended hoursfor course completion: 30.


  • A complete CCR Extended Range Total Diving System that:
  • Has CE-type approval (European version)
  • Is approved by SSI
  • Allows for manual addition of gasto the loop.
  • Has an alternate (backup) method of monitoring the loop if the primary method fails.
  • Can be congigured so the onboard oxygen and diluent cylinders can be shut down.
  • At least two (2) bailout cylinders with regulators, one (1) for bottom bailout, and one (1) for decompression with:
  • Second stage with 1-2 meter hose and SPG
  • Low-pressure inflator hose or quick-connect compatible with the unit
  • Oxygen cleaned asrequired
  • Backup OC/CCR computer for bailout in the event of a system failure
  • Two surface marker buoys(SMB), one red and one yellow, in accordance with local laws, regulations, and practices
  • Spool or reel appropriate for the planned dive depth
  • Backup mask
  • Two (2) cutting devices
  • Surface signaling device
  • Emergency spool
  • Accessto emergency decompression gas, either by trailing, team sharing, staging or from support divers.


  • Open WaterTraining Dives 1 and 2 must be conducted at depths shallower than 40 meters.
  • Open WaterTraining Dives 2 and 3 must be conducted at depths between 70 and 80 meters.
  • Open WaterTraining Dive 4 must be conducted at depths between 80 and 90 meters.
  • Open WaterTraining Dives 5 and 6 must be conducted at depths between 85 and 100 meters.
  • One (1) dive must be to at least 90m for certification.


  • Complete academic sessions and assessments as outlined in the program-specific instructor manual.
  • Complete the XR Water Fitness Evaluation as outlined in the General Training Standards.The snorkel swim may be replaced with a CCR surface swim while breathing from the loop.
  • Complete at least one (1) open waterskill developmentsession of at least one (1) hour.
  • Complete at least 480 minutes of in-water runtime on the applicable CCR unit.
  • Complete at least Eve (5) core open water training dives with a minimum runtime of 30 minutes each, as outlined in the program'sinstructor manual.
  • Be able to independently complete a full dive plan and bailout plan using the Extended Range Dive Planning sheet.


  • Open WaterTraining Dive 1 must be planned within the no-decompression limits of the student's personal dive computer, or computer-generated decompression profiles.
  • The primary planned decompression obligation (total time of all decompression stops, including any deep stops) must not exceed 60 minutesfor Open WaterTraining Dives 2-4, and 90 minutesfor Open WaterTraining Dives 5 and 6.
  • The total cumulative time for Open WaterTraining Dives 3-6 must be at least Eve (5) hours.
  • The maximum Equivalent Narcosis Depth for the bottom part of the dive is 35m. SSI recommends an END between 24- 30m.
  • Bailout cylinder volumesshould be calculated using a minimum SAC rate of 40 liters/minute.
  • The maximum ppO2 for bailout is 1.6 at the deepest planned depth of the dive.
  • Diversshould not carry an onboard diluent gas with a ppO2 higher than 1.1 bar at the bottom.
  • The maximum loop set point is 1.3 bar.


  • Open WaterTraining Dives 3 and 4 may only be conducted after completion of the XR Water Fitness Evaluation and Open WaterTraining Dives 1 and 2.
  • Open WaterTraining Dives 5 and 6 may not be conducted after the requirementsfor the academic sessions, the Enal written exam, and Open WaterTraining Dives 3 and 4 are met or exceeded.


The CCR Hypoxic Trimix certiEcation entitlesthe holder to dive autonomously with an equally- or more-qualified buddy, on dives using specialized diving equipment and proceduresto depths of either 80m or 100m.
The Hypoxic Trimix 80m certiEcation isthe same asthe 100m certiEcation, with one exception: if conditions do not permit, or the students cannot make the deepest dives, divers may become certiEed at 80m after the Erst four (4) core open water training dives
After developing experience, and with an equally- or more-qualiEed buddy, a diver qualiEed to 100m may dive to depthsin excess of 100m.


Divesfrom this program may not be credited to other programs.