Be certifed in Enriched Air Nitrox 40 or equivalent. Be certified in Deep Diving or equivalent. Have logged at least 24 open water dives.


Recommended hours for course completion: 40 (5 days).


  • A complete CCR Total Diving System that: Is approved by SSI Has CE-type approval (European version)
  • A single bailout cylinder (minimum volume: 5.7 liters) and bailout regulator with: Second stage with 1-2 meter hose and SPG Oxygen cleaned as required
  • A surface marker buoy (SMB)
  • Spool or reel appropriate for the planned dive depth
  • Cutting device
  • Surface signaling device
  • Manufacturer and/or SSI Pre-Dive Checklist 175 (C) SSI International GmbH, 2018


  • Open Water Training Dives 1 and 2 must be conducted at depths shallower than 12 meters.
  • Open Water Training Dive 3 must be conducted at depths shallower than 20 meters.
  • Open Water Training Dive 4 must be conducted at depths shallower than 25 meters.
  • Open Water Training Dives 5 and 6, and any additional training dives, must be conducted at depths shallower than 30 meters.
  • One (1) dive must be to a minimum of 25 meters for certification.


  • Complete academic sessions and assessments as outlined in the program-specific instructor manual.
  • Complete the program's final exam with a passing score of 80%.
  • Complete the XR Water Fitness Evaluation as outlined in the General Training Standards. The snorkel swim may be replaced with a CCR surface swim while breathing from the loop.
  • Complete an equipment configuration session with the applicable CCR unit.
  • Complete at least one (1) pool/confined water skill development session lasting at least one (1) hour.
  • Complete a minimum of seven (7) training dives, including one (1) confined water skill development sessions lasting at least one (1) hour, and six (6) core open water training dives with a minimum run time of 30 minutes each, as outlined in the CCR Diving Instructor Manual.
  • Complete at least 480 minutes of in-water runtime on the applicable CCR unit.

NOTE: Students completing this program using a rEVO CCR unit must complete at least one (1) additional pool/confined water skill development session, lasting at least one (1) hour. A. NOTES The open water and pool/confined water training session(s) must be planned within the no-decompression limits of the SSI Combined Air / EAN Tables or the student’s personal dive computer. The bailout cylinder must be filled with air, or a nitrox mix with a maximum ppO2 of 1.6 at the deepest planned depth of the dive. Bailout cylinder volumes should be calculated using a minimum SAC rate of 40 liters/minute. Divers should not carry an onboard diluent gas with a ppO2 higher than 1.1 bar at the bottom. The maximum loop set point is 1.3 bar.


  • Open Water Training Dives 1 and 2 may only be conducted after completing the equipment configuration session, the water fitness evaluation and all pool/confined water sessions.
  • Open Water Training Dives 3-6, and any additional open water training dives, may not be completed until all standards requirements for academic lectures, the final written exam and Open Water Training Dives 1 and 2 are successfully met or exceeded.

NOTE: These core open water training dives are the absolute minimum required for certification. Students must not proceed to the next dive if they did not successfully complete the previous dive. The instructor may repeat the previous dive, or they can plan additional experience dives, before the students can proceed to the next core open water training dive.


CCR Diving certification entitles the holder to dive with an equally- or more-qualified buddy, with the equipment configuration used during training, and CCR diving procedures to depths of up to 30 meters, not requiring staged decompression stops, providing that dives are conducted in environments similar to those of the diver's training and experience.