ANDREAS: CEO, SSI Technical International Training Director and SSI Instructor Certifier. He is from Germany, but he is living in Rab since 20 years now. He opened Kron Diving Center in 1996 and since than he has a lot of repeater divers coming back to dive with his Dive Center. He has a LOT of experience in Technical diving, with Rebreather and Trimix, for this his name is well-known all over the tech diving world. He speaks German, English and Croatian too! 


SSI Dive Control Specialist Instructor. He is from Germany but also he is living on Rab Island since 1999. He started his dive career in the 1993 and since then he is still in love with the underwater world. He is working in Kron Diving Center since 1999. He is also SSI Freediving Instructor. When the time allowed he loves to do Rebreather and Trimix dives. He speaks German, English, and a little bit of Croatian.

Kristijan (Kiki)

SSI Assistent Instructor. His Name is Kristijan, but everybody call him "Kiki". He is from Rab. Since he was young he practiced freediving. He started to work here in Kron Diving at the end of the season 2015. He wants to become an SSI Instructor, and he is on the right way. He did also Freediving LevelĀ“s with Rene Trost and the Mares Lab Technical Service Partner course. He speaks Croatian, English and a little bit of German.


SSI Instructor Trainer. She is coming from Italy, but in the last 8 years she worked in many countries like Italy, Maldives, Mexico and Mallorca. Kron Diving is the new home for her. She loves to take pictures and video, especially from little nudibranches, her favourites! For this you can see her, during her day off, on the boat with her camera.  She speaks Italian, German, English and Spanish.


SSI Open Water Instructor. He is from Rab too, and he decided to start his dive career with us after doing an unforgettable try dive. He worked hard to become an SSI Open Water Instructor, and he realized his dream! Well done Jole! He speaks Croatian and English.